Wrought Iron Fence Dallas

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Farmers Branch Iron Fence

Wrought iron has been used for fencing, gates, handrails, iron gates, pool fence, iron railing and grills for ages. It is a malleable, ductile and tough material, which can be formed and welded easily. Cast iron became a popular material for fencing along with ornamental wrought iron in the Victorian era as the cast iron fence parts could be easily fabricated.

The present trend in fencing includes constructing ornamental iron fences using carbon steel in place of wrought iron. The carbon steel has practically replaced wrought iron. Moreover, it is less expensive. It can be shaped and formed easily to make different designs like wrought iron. Carbon steel is extensively used for fencing and other iron work as an alternative to wrought iron.

The iron fence is sturdy and durable. It can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can find wrought iron fences installed around parks, gardens, yards, swimming pool areas and many other places. The usual type of iron fences are normally used for security. These are made in simple designs.

At Farmers Branch iron fence company Robitizsch Fencing, the iron fences are made in several designs. They can also be customized to show various styles. The design is dependent on both your need and budget. A simple design of fence can be used as a barrier and it can have some decoration as well. Decorative and ornamental iron fences are mostly used to augment their looks of the most prestigious Farmers Branch properties. Normally, the ornamental fences are built in shorter heights.

Iron fencing requires minimum maintenance. This should be cleaned, repaired for any damages and re-painted when it is necessary so as to maintain its stylish look.

Robitizsch Fencing specializes in Farmers Branch wrought iron fences, handrails, iron gates and pool fences and will cater to your individual needs. We offer various designs of wrought iron ornamental fencing, iron gates, columns, chain link and barbed wire fencing customized to your needs in the best materials and with superior craftsmanship for residential and commercial installation.

Visit visit our Farmers Branch iron fence design gallers to get ideas and select the designs you love. You can also fabricate your own design. Our iron fences can be finished in different colors and themes. They can be with painted or galvanized for protection against weather and rusting.